Monday, February 1, 2010

SHOC-UWaterloo, Meeting #1 Agenda: Capture

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The first meeting will be today at 5.30pm in room 1016 of Dana Porter Library. Until then, here's the agenda for today's meeting:

        I.            What is Study Hacks?
a.       Introduce Cal Newport
b.      Explain what Study Hacks is
c.       Meeting Format
d.      My goals for study hacks
e.      Your goals for study hacks
      II.            Meeting schedule- once every two weeks maybe?
    III.            Discussion on Capture
a.       The Goal of Capture- getting in control of your day-to-day life
b.      GTD Roots, and the nature of stuff
c.       How to capture- develop a system that keeps track of EVERYTHING in your head, and is regularly reviewed
                                                               i.      Cal’s Suggestion:
                                                             ii.      How to make capture stick
d.      How I capture?
e.      What do you do to capture?
f.        What are we going to do for next week?
g.       Blog posting time!
h.      Next week’s topic- Control
                                                               i.      Control is figuring out, in advance, how you’re going to spend your time. 
This is just the skeleton of the agenda. I have many more notes in my own copy, with the details of what I actually want to make sure we cover. This evening, the results of today's meeting wil be posted. See you then!

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